Secret Street Dance Crew 2017

29th August 2017 0

The Linda May’s Dance Studio once again got some tshirts for their upcoming event. The “Secret Street Dance Crew 2017” will look fantastic with these full colour logo tees.

Iveagh Cycling Club

24th August 2017 0

AWDis cool t-shirts with a large full colour logo on the front for the upcoming Iveagh Cycling club event. Perfect and cost effective to hand out to entrants.


24th August 2017 0

New t-shirts for the Cliftonville FC Supporters club for their upcoming ‘skalitude’ fundraiser. Ska, punk, reggae and soul all on one night. There’ll be some sore heads the next say.

Andy Coburn Training

18th August 2017 0

FOTL Cool style t-shirts for Andy Coburn Personal Fitness. A great logo and great colours that stand out very well on the t-shirts.

Spin On This

13th August 2017 0

A range of items for mobile spinning company “Spin On This”. Look them up on Facebook

Health Gainz

10th July 2017 0

New vest tops, polo shirts and hoodies for Health Gainz complete with printed logo.

Female Fitness Studio

30th June 2017 0

A range of AWDis sports t-shirts and vests for the Female Fitness Studio. All logos are printed on to the garments to avoid ‘rubbing’ when working out.

Irish Ranger: The Punisher

30th June 2017 0

New batch of tshirts off to Afghanistan. 4 prints in total including a large piece of writing on reverse and full colour log on the arm. Always a pleasure to do this work for the Irish Rangers.

Sally Army

18th May 2017 0

Some hoodies for the Salvation Army youth praise band, complete with printed logo on front and reverse. 

Bout Ye

17th May 2017 0

A range of tshirts on their way to Liverpool for a hen night. Check out our fancy gold material. Oh so pretty 👇

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