Nike Magista

8th August 2017 0

I mean, these astro shoes were begging for the blackout treatment. 100% better

Adidas Boot Blackout

7th August 2017 0

Before and after pics on a little blackout work on these Adidas boots. Get yours ‘blacked out’ for £20.

Adidas Boot Black Out

30th June 2017 0

Before and after photos on Adidas X boots with partial blackout. Drop us a message to get yours done during pre season for just £20.

Boot Black Out

18th October 2016 0

Some more work from The Boot Boy. Both Nike. Both with a facelift.  Drop us an email to get yours done also. 

The Boot Boy

9th October 2016 0

Did you know that “The Boot Boy” was part of The Gordon Group / The Beautiful Game? No? Well now you do. Take a look at his work below and get in touch if you fancy customising your boots. Blackout for […]