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The ZipChip is “The New Way to Play”. There simply is nothing else like it. From its original shape to the sidearm throw to it’s mesmerizing flight; the ZipChip is unique. And it fits in your pocket for fun anytime, anywhere.

DISTANCE: The ZipChip is designed to be used at various distances. Play catch at short range for leisure or spread way out to test your skill. We’ve gotten the ZipChip to fly over 200 ft. / 65 yds. Can you?

POCKET-SIZE: The ZipChip is ultra portable. This enables spontaneous fun in never-before-played locations. Take it everywhere. We do.

STABLE FLIGHT: This is what makes throwing and catching possible. Level release = level flight. Angled release = curved flight. That equates to predictable and accurate throws.

FLOATING: The ZipChip is buoyant and ready to be played with at the beach or pool.

SOFT and FLEXIBLE: Our goal was to make the ZipChip soft for confident catches. The elastomer material is even recyclable.

The ZipChip works best as a game of throw-and-catch between two or more people. Start close to get dialed in and warmed up. Slowly spread out to really ramp up the fun. You will notice that due to its light weight, arm fatigue is low which allows for extended sessions. This makes the ZipChip great for kids.

Catching can be done with one or two hands. We recommend starting with two as you get accustomed to how the ZipChip flies. It zips in a unique way. Once you’ve got a beat on it, test your skills with one-handed catches.

Something interesting happens when you use the ZipChip in public. Complete strangers will marvel at what you are doing and many will approach inquiring, “What is that?”. As Kickstarter backers you will be the first to own the ZipChip and as such are bestowed the honor of introducing it to the world. Proudly educate the onlookers while you relish your position as an original ZipChip Pro.